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Why your band/ musical project should be on Instagram

Nowadays when a person/ group of people decide to start a musical project, one of the primary things they do is set up a Facebook fan page. While I will agree that having a Facebook page is fundamental, many groups tend to just stop there; thinking that a few text posts and a photo or two will be some sort of ticket to growing a fan base. I can tell you first hand that this is one of the weakest ways of promoting yourself, and with the current implementation of Facebook’s pay-to-reach, you are seriously limiting yourself. 

There is however, a great deal of other social networks that make it a lot easier to branch out and expand your reach. One of the most recent I’ve gotten the hang of recently is Instagram. Following are a list of reasons why your band/ musical project should be on Instagram.

1. The follower/ following model

In my opinion, this is the best way to expand your reach. It’s organic, efficient and works surprisingly well. People like seeing their follower count rise, and you are more likely to make a follower this way. I cant tell you how many followers I’ve attained just by following a few people. Instagram (unlike Twitter) also DOES NOT limit the amount of people you can follow with a follower/ following ratio, a plus that for me makes this the number 1 reason to have an Instagram account for your band.

2. Hashtagging/ Mentions

Twitter was the first for many of the follower/ following and hashtag-based social networks, but I’ve noticed that the interaction you get on IG to be tenfold that of other networks. I’ve seen people with less than 100 followers getting 1000 likes on their photos by using hashtags effectively. Mentions also boost your reach and acts as a marketing tool if the right people mention you. Find those in your genre with a good following and interact with them as much as possible. If they mention you, consider that as hard work that payed off.

3. Mobility

Instagram is the first all-mobile social network (yea they added a desktop version, but it’s lame and i feel like only those without mobile devices use it). This makes interactions feel quick and seamless. It’s a great way to communicate directly with your following/ potential following, It notifies you instantly of any interaction for quick reply to your fanbase and users can see what you post anywhere at anytime. 

4. Creativity

I love it when I see a brand using IG with a little creative flare. Whether it be posting an abstract photo of a product, making a quick 15-second video, starting a contest, etc. Photography and Video are excellent and creative ways of showcasing who your band is and what you do. Have someone post a video of your next show, throw up your promo pictures on your account, have a little photo/ hashtag contest if you have spare merch to give away. Branch out and figure out new ways to expand and grow your following

I’ve only listed a few reasons here, but I feel like it’s enough to justify why you should set up an Instagram account as soon as possible. If you have one already, good for you! Just make sure to keep it updated daily, search hashtags related to your genre and keep following people! If you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for?! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Promoter: When I’m pressing send on an offer for a real big show.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

19 Buzzwords and Phrases To Avoid When Pitching Your Music


We talk a lot about ensuring your first interaction with a potential listener is the best it can possibly be, and in doing so have discovered an area that frustrates more people than it ever aides: Buzzwords. 

We’ve all been there: You want to know more about an artist or product, but every description and review you read seems to sounds exactly the same. No part of Non-descriptive words and phrases like “awesome” or “game-changing” inform the consumer about what it is you are trying to sell them and after all, that is what you’re trying to accomplish at the end of the day. You want them to want your product and you want to stand out from every other competitor vying for their attention, so why limit yourself to the same tired terminology your grandfather used when presenting against Don Draper back in 60s? 

Once our list of ‘Social Media No-nos’ went live, a number of clients and media friends began reaching out to express their recommendations for future columns. One of the most requested was, by far, a list of buzz word and phrases that should never be used when attempting to pitch your band or release. Some of them are probably painfully familiar, while others may simply be too vague to offer much, if any, insight. Either way, make a note today to erase the following words and phrases from your press kits moving forward.

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Couldn’t agree more

The dreaded Facebook Event Invite: How those pesky, repetitive notifications can turn into new contacts

I always seem to have statuses complaining about concentrated amounts of event invites in my news feed. I completely understand. I mean, who wants the sum of their notifications be event invites that you’re not likely to go to and are probably not even close enough to get to anyway? I wanna feel special when i get a notification! But if you’re a musician who’s future plans are to tour, or are a booking/ talent agent or artist manager looking for new clientele, you can use this opportunity to gain valuable information about a regional scene not local to you. What bands are playing? Do you see a consistent pattern of who’s playing the most or who’s getting popular? Are the events being put on by the same person/ company? How many people attend these events regularily? Bands, this can help you find popular acts in the region to play with if you’re touring in their area. Agents, you get a good prospect of who’s dominating the regional market and maybe might find an act you have an interest in. Managers, find those bands that are DIY’ing it and off them a contract! Do some overhead on some vital but overlooked aspects of the Facebook Event Invite and you should be able to see the value in it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vimeo. Ion Lucin. GO! #IonLucin #TesseracT


Vimeo. Ion Lucin. GO! #IonLucin #TesseracT

"Of Mind - Nocturne (instrumental)" by TesseracT
Sunday, June 16, 2013

Interesting article for indie touring musicians...


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